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Immunocal Platinum
Special Instructions:

Description: This is the newest and freshest Immunocal. Expiration dates are typically 14 to 18 months (or more) from the date of your purchase. We ship from the USA and do not ship to Nigeria, or to contries under US embargo (including Iran, North Korea, Afghanistan, etc). If you request shipment to a prohibited country, we will refund your purchase. We do not ship to countries where there are active licensees.

Taxes and Customs fees:There is no USA or state tax assessed on these shipments. Customs fees may be assessed by your country, and if so, those fees are your responsibility. Tell us what to declare as a value in the "special instructions" section above. If we declare our lowest wholesale replacement cost, you may me assessed lower fees (if any).

Guarantee:Order with confidence: Prices are guaranteed as the lowest available prices for similar products, within 30 days of your purchase.

More information:More information on Immunocal.

Questions: Please call toll-free 888-503-3851 or +1-513-256-3886.

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